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Oscar de la Renta’s New Exhibit

Yesterday my father and I went to the Queen Sophia Spanish Institute on 69th and Park to see Oscar de la Renta’s Joaquín Sorolla and the Glory of Spanish Dress exhibit, which celebrated not only the spanish dress but its culture and customs through dress. Bridal customs, farming attire, flamenco dancers, and matadors outfits were only some of the exquisitely designed 19th century pieces on display. I have never seen such attention to detail and fabric before. It was a sight to see especially when today’s everyday wear dully consists of jeans and sweaters. The exhibit further cemented in me that our culture today really only exists by cycling and recycling past looks and cultural trends like the mod dress for instance. There is nothing new.  So once again once was old is now new again.Which brings me to my next point. Intertwined with the original spanish outfits were contemporary pieces made by design houses like Oscar de la Renta (who has always found Spanish culture at the root of his inspiration for almost every collection), Balenciaga, Ralph Lauren, Christian LaCroix, Eve Saint Laurent, and of course, Chanel. The dresses were all circa the 2000s.

I could only find two of the looks on display online, but if you have a chance to see the exhibit before it closes on March 10th, it could be neither a waste of time nor money.

Balenciaga Fall 2006

Christian LaCroix Spring 2006



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