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Natalie Portman’s Lanvin Dress

The moment Natalie Portman posed on the Golden Globes’ red carpet in that fabulous two-toned Lanvin dress I was immediately reminded of the red dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face  and the iconic dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes when she sang “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Some fifty years later and Natalie Portman wears a similar dress but still looks like a modern yet timeless movie star.



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The Dynamic Duo: Hepburn and Givenchy

There’s something you should know about me before we take this blog relationship any further. I’ve always believed I was born in the wrong decade. Yep, despite being addicted to facebook, twitter, wordpress, tumblr, my blackberry and any other 21st century social media tool, I’d give it all up to live the simple life. You can say it, I’m old fashioned. Gimme my 20s in the mid 1950s and I’d be more excited than Doc traveling back to the years of the western frontier in Back to the Future III. The reason being? I just love the movies and fashion of the time, and I love great fashion in great movies. Plus its just fun to know these little bits of cultural trivia.

There are just so many instances of iconic moments of stunning outfits on beautiful women in great Hollywood classics. But the lifelong partnership and friendship of Hurbert du Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn is perhaps the most celebrated alliance in fashion/film history. It all started when Audrey Hepburn flew to Paris to meet with the busy twenty-six year old designer but when she showed up at his workplace, he was too busy to give her his full attention. He told her if she wanted costumes for her new movie, Sabrina, she would be more than welcome to pick from the collection he was working on now. And that’s exactly what she did. He would go on to create all of her movie costumes and even her wedding dress.

Audrey with the help of Givenchy became a style icon. She possessed poise and grace along with a new approach to femininity. And what was possibility the most alluring aspect to her look was it all came from Paris, the city of sophistication, luxury, and haute couture! Her outfits in Sabrina and Funny Face, two stories in which her experience in Paris transformed her from ordinary to extraordinary, are some of Givenchy’s most prized work. 

But Audrey isn’t just known for looking like a modern day Cinderella at the ball playing dress up in Givenchy’s most impeccable evening wear, she is perhaps most known for her “casual” look in Funny Face. The iconic look I’m talking about is the outfit she wears when she preforms her solo dance in the basement of a Beatnik hang out–the skinny black pant, black shirt, and black flats look.  It redefined femininity and the notion of the ideal woman. And it’s proven to be a timeless look almost fifty years later. 

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