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Making Fur A Staple

I’ve wanted a fur vest for two years now. I bought one from Urban Outfitters last winter and ended up returning it. I didn’t have the confidence to wear one out in public. But every time I’d go shopping, I’d gravitate to the fur vest rack every chance I had.

I found that on my 5’2″ frame, fur seemed to consume body. It was like the fur was wearing me instead of me wearing the fur!

Disappointed that I couldn’t pull it off, I gave up on fur for a while. But when I was at Forever21 over Thanksgiving holiday, I found a $30 fur vest I just couldn’t pass up. If it just hung in my closet, I didn’t mind since it was such a cheap investment. And who knows, maybe I’d find cause to wear it.

Well, from the picture above you can see that I did end up wearing it–with a pink and white striped fitted Ralph Lauren blouse. I found that combat boots, leggings, and a fur vest wasn’t working for me so I made it an accessory of a preppier ensemble. I paired it with a pair of Gap jeans and loafers I bought in Paris. Instead of street sartorial, I found that fur works for me if I try looking classy, not edgy.


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Mwah-Ha-Ha My New “Master Plan”

I have many love-hate relationships. One of them is nails. Although I love getting manicures (who doesn’t,) I hate paying for them because my nails most likely chip ten minutes after I leave the salon, or because I hate that bubble gum pink I decided was such a good idea at the time. For these reasons you’ll barely see me walking into a nail salon especially since I have no more high school formals to prep for. The other aspect that gets to me is the price of that little nail polish bottle. The States gets it easy; $8 seems cheap compared to the 13 euros you’ll pay in Europe and the £11 you’ll pay in the UK. Like WHAT?!? No way in hell am I paying $17 for a bottle of nail polish!

So when I do buy nail polish I make sure it’s a color I can wear all the time. And not to sound snobby but I have a light purple David Yurman ring that never comes off my finger, so my color has to compliment my 18th birthday present. That narrows down my choices. But this “Master Plan” color from Essie is an all around great color. It’s perfect for the fall. It’s a neutral so you can wear it with anything, and most importantly it kind of has a hint of a purple-ish tone to it so it looks great with my ring.  

This is a color I’ll definitely be wearing all autumn long. 

$8 Essie "Master Plan"

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What I Brought Back from Paris

Besides coming back five pounds heavier, a dress size bigger, and with more than 1000 pictures on my camera, I brought back some little gifts for the house that I thought were really authentic to the French culture. Of course I went shopping for myself as well. Along with buying a vintage YSL clutch, new comtoir des contenniers dress on sale, vintage leather shorts from Kiliwatch, loafers that I wear every day, a vintage army jacket from the Vietnam era,  and a couple scarves, I also picked up some other affordable gifts to bring home to the parents. Something I got really caught up in while spending a month in Paris was learning about Hemingway’s life in Paris’s Latin Quarter. I came across his apartment and bought his memoir A Moveable Feast in the little bookstore right below it. I thought it was the perfect gift to give my book-reading father. I also went to Shakespeare & Co and picked up Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises, the book that really distinguished Hemingway as a novelist. I think books are great gifts. They are personal and something that lasts forever. In the marché I picked up some of my favorite cheeses that I got vacuumed sealed so I can safely take it on the plane with me. I bought compté, brie, and a hard goat cheese ball that is great for sticking in the oven, letting it soften and putting it over a salad. At least that’s how I ate it at a restaurant in Chelsea, London. There is also ground coffee I also purchased at the market. I bought a traditional French Roast and something a little more fun, Brownie, Hazelnut, and Almond flavored coffee. I’m on my last two tablespoons–best coffee I’ve ever had. Then when I was on Ile Sainte Louis (yes, Paris has two little islands) I picked up some olive oil soaps from La Maison du Savon de Marseilles. There must have been at least 50 different scented and colored soaps. And last but not least is Basil Olive Oil, world’s tastiest creation. I had it on salad with Fine Herbes and could not get enough that I had to buy both just to make in in the States.

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