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New York For The Holidays

Although there is nothing more touristy than seeing the big Christmas tree and ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza, you just have to do it. I didn’t go ice skating (the line was a 3+ hour wait) but I did walk along 5th Ave to go shopping/see the window displays at some of the most well-known stores in the world. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it up to Bergdorf Goodman’s or Barney’s, but I did make it to Henri Bendels (picture shown above). There’s nothing more American than converting a strong female icon, Lady Liberty into a sex symbol! Am I right? Wearing a one shoulder dress with a slit that reveals her entire leg, our Lady Liberty looks more like the sexiest most fashionable model than a woman that promotes freedom and democracy. It seems that Lady Liberty is changing with the times.


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Flat White’s Flat White Coffee


Europe is incompetent when it comes to making ice coffees, but ask for a latté and you’re in for a treat. Although the London cafes including Starbucks make  down Americano on ice and if you ask for an iced coffee, they have perfected the lattés and flat whites (after ordering them several times I still don’t know why a flat white is so different from a latté) in London. Definitely worth the £4 (almost $7 coffee, and you think Starbucks is bad!).

As you can see from the picture, the froth has a detailed leaf created inside. I am not lying when I say, you cannot get a latté in London without a design on top. Maybe that’s how they get away with charging so much! And although Starbucks is just as highly demanded in London as it is any US city, many people still enjoy the ambience of a one-of-a-kind cafe. This photo was taken on one of my last days in London at a cafe in Soho called Flat White. It’s like a labyrinth getting there and the cafe is so small you will probably walk right by it a couple of times, but it’s worth the search. It could have possibly been one of the best coffees I’ve ever had. It is true, I’ve never been to Italy, but I would never steer you wrong.

I could use a Flat White coffee right now.

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Making Fur A Staple

I’ve wanted a fur vest for two years now. I bought one from Urban Outfitters last winter and ended up returning it. I didn’t have the confidence to wear one out in public. But every time I’d go shopping, I’d gravitate to the fur vest rack every chance I had.

I found that on my 5’2″ frame, fur seemed to consume body. It was like the fur was wearing me instead of me wearing the fur!

Disappointed that I couldn’t pull it off, I gave up on fur for a while. But when I was at Forever21 over Thanksgiving holiday, I found a $30 fur vest I just couldn’t pass up. If it just hung in my closet, I didn’t mind since it was such a cheap investment. And who knows, maybe I’d find cause to wear it.

Well, from the picture above you can see that I did end up wearing it–with a pink and white striped fitted Ralph Lauren blouse. I found that combat boots, leggings, and a fur vest wasn’t working for me so I made it an accessory of a preppier ensemble. I paired it with a pair of Gap jeans and loafers I bought in Paris. Instead of street sartorial, I found that fur works for me if I try looking classy, not edgy.

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Shoe Museum? Nope, Just Selfridges

I’ve been in many boutiques, shops, and department stores with beautiful interior design and an exquisite set up of clothing on the racks, but I’ve never in my life seen anything like what I saw at Selfridges on Oxford Street in London. The shoe section is more like walking through a museum as you appreciate the design of a £1000 shoes than a place to just buy them. But what was most surprising was the larger than life shoes that were displayed throughout the shoe section.  I  know Carrie Bradshaw would just die.

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