Viva Elvis

I first saw Viva Las Vegas last year over winter break. After studying for finals for days on end I was ready to give my brain a break, grab a blanket, stay in my pajamas all day, and turn on TMC. What was on was Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas

I was actually quite surprised at what I found. The movie was thoroughly entertaining and the music is phenomenal the entire way through. And you can’t help but sing along to “Viva Las Vegas.” You can try refraining from singing, but your foot will begin tapping. Just wait and see.

I also just need to stress the attractiveness of the cast. Ann Margaret, most famously known for her leading role in Bye Bye Birdie, is out of this world beautiful. Her gorgeous green eyes and strawberry blond hair is a dynamite combination. Not to mention she has that seductive sultry voice that has men eating in the palm of her hand.

 Elvis, you’re not too bad looking either. And their chemistry is so undeniable that it came as no surprise to find out that their relationship transcended the screen.  They had a rumored relationship that continued after shooting. That fact along was enough information to entice me to watch.

But if you need further information to convince you that watching Viva Las Vegas is not a waist of time, I’ll give you the plot. Lucky Jackson (Elvis Presley) is set on competing at the Las Vegas Grand Prix but needs to get his engine fixed. He easily attains the money but is also easily distracted by the hotel lifeguard Rusty Martin (Ann-Margaret) (what a name huh?) and misplaces the money. Rusty gives him no time of day and it looks like he’ll lose winning the girl and the Grand Prix. 

Its the movie that made Elvis the King of Las Vegas. Why wouldn’t you watch it!  


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