Memorable Movies: My Girl (1991)

I was only two when the movie came out but it was a movie I’ve watched over and over as a kid. When I was younger it was about the close friendship of a little girl and her best friend, Thomas J, played by childhood star Macullay Culkin. The inseparable duo road their bikes around town looking for new adventures and finding out more about each other. 

Tonight I re-watched the movie with a whole new appreciation and understanding of the classic film. Although a movie’s about the unbreakable friendship between a boy and girl, its about life and death told from through the perspective of an innocent 11 year old child and the experience she has living at a funeral parlor. 

Because I’ve seen it so many times as I kid, I thought it was a given that all kids my age have seen it. But I’m sitting next to two twenty year olds who are watching it for the first time which is what sparked my interest to post a blog about one of the most memorable and most impacting movies of my childhood. 


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