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Upstate New York: it’s no London, Paris, or Manhattan but it’ll do, for now!

My 21st year of living has been the best year of my life, well so far at least. All within this year I’ve lived in London and spent the summer in Paris and my father and grandma both reside on the Upper West Side, the Jewish Quarter as I like to call it where when I’m not traveling Europe, I like to go spend time in Central Park or see a movie at Lincoln Center.  But I’m not gonna lie, its been hard transitioning my life from the glitz and glamour of three of the world’s greatest cities to life in Binghamton, upstate New York, a whole three hours from Manhattan. Instead of walking down King’s Road where Kate and Pippa are seen shopping frequently, grabbing a drink at London’s exclusive Soho House, walking down the famous St. Germain and having a croque madame overlooking the Seine, I now surround myself in an environment where the city lights don’t blind the stars from shining.

But these next two weeks have been the toughest for me. We are right in the middle of London Fashion week and next week fashion moves to Paris and while many bloggers get to participate in fashion week, I will be vicariously living their lives through social media in upstate New York. Sigh. While in London this winter I experienced London Fashion week at the Somerset House next to my school, King’s College London. And in Paris this summer, I was blessed enough to be visiting while Paris Haute Couture week was going on. I even saw Nina Garcia walk in to Museé Rodin where Dior’s collection was shown.

So now that I’m all the way up in rural America, I have to rely on twitter,, and to keep me up to date on the greatest month of fashion. Needless to say, all within one year I’ve done a complete 180. There’s nothing fabulous and extravagant about a city that’s main source of fashion is Walmart. But now that I’ve come down to reality, I must admit there are some perks to rural life.

Although I can’t be there to experience the art of fashion, I can experience the art of nature. Here is a picture I took while taking a hike through the Binghamton Nature Preserve. It’s no St. Honoré or Bond Street, but it will just have to do, well for now.


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