Kensington Garden’s Orangery Room

I‘ve always been an enthusiast of tea, mostly Lipton’s black tea, nothing fancy. But when I studied abroad in London tea became an integral part of my life. We even had instant hot water dispensers in our dorm kitchens so no one have to wait the five minutes for the kettle to whistle. I drank it at least once a day as did the rest of the English students.

So while in London I made an effort to really appreciate tea time and what it has to offer. I went to many of London’s most famous afternoon tea spots in order to really get the high tea experience including The Ritz on my last day in London. But one of my favorite more affordable memories was having afternoon tea at the Orangery Room in Kensington Gardens across from Kensington Palace where Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge now reside! My best friend Allie and I went and had delicious english scorns, English breakfast tea, and tiny cucumber finger sandwiches. It’s quintessential English. And the interior design does not disappoint. It’s quaint and not overdone. Just a pleasure to have tea in a beautiful room.  

The idea to write this post came to me while making a “Get to Know Your R.A.” poster. I’ve done many things in London during my study abroad experience and the Orangery Room was definitely one of my favorites. I thought if I’m sharing the experience with my residents, I of course had to share it with you. I can’t wait to be back in London. I truly miss it. 


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