Casablanca in Doylestown, PA

Last night I drove an hour west of my town in New Jersey to a little town called Doylestown, PA in the quaint Bucks County. I went to catch up with two of my London study abroad friends. We bought tickets to see Casablanca in the old Majestic like theater called The County Theatre. Although all three of us have already seen the movie, many times I might add, we thought it would be just the cutest thing to watch the old classic movie on the big screen just how our grandparents had seen it. Casablanca could be one of my favorite movies of all time. Its not only a great love story but its first and foremost a movie about American strength.  Besides finding the political significance in the movie, the movie’s love story is the part of the movie that really grabs the attention of so many.

I think I shed a tear every time
Humphrey Bogart looks at Ingrid Bergman and says “Here’s looking at you kid.” And who doesn’t get all sentimental when Bogart reassures Bergman by telling her “we’ll always have Paris.” Ohhh just typing it out gets me all choked up!

I have seen Casablanca on the tv, laying in bed watching it on my computer, but nothing beats watching it on the big screen in one of the cutest towns I’ve ever been to.

Seeing how the movie was in black and white, I thought a black and white photo was suiting.



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