Mwah-Ha-Ha My New “Master Plan”

I have many love-hate relationships. One of them is nails. Although I love getting manicures (who doesn’t,) I hate paying for them because my nails most likely chip ten minutes after I leave the salon, or because I hate that bubble gum pink I decided was such a good idea at the time. For these reasons you’ll barely see me walking into a nail salon especially since I have no more high school formals to prep for. The other aspect that gets to me is the price of that little nail polish bottle. The States gets it easy; $8 seems cheap compared to the 13 euros you’ll pay in Europe and the £11 you’ll pay in the UK. Like WHAT?!? No way in hell am I paying $17 for a bottle of nail polish!

So when I do buy nail polish I make sure it’s a color I can wear all the time. And not to sound snobby but I have a light purple David Yurman ring that never comes off my finger, so my color has to compliment my 18th birthday present. That narrows down my choices. But this “Master Plan” color from Essie is an all around great color. It’s perfect for the fall. It’s a neutral so you can wear it with anything, and most importantly it kind of has a hint of a purple-ish tone to it so it looks great with my ring.  

This is a color I’ll definitely be wearing all autumn long. 

$8 Essie "Master Plan"


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