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Wardrobe Wishlist: Perfect Look for Classes

Alright, I’m over the hot weather, anyone else? Bring on the scarfs, sweaters, and boots. I’m ready for it. And I say this knowing I’m going to regret writing this blog post when I’m walking in two feet of snow to class come December. 

Of course I love going down to the beach, being homework free, and enjoying pink lemonade sipped from mason jars, but just like all the September issues anxiously await their newsstands, I couldn’t be more excited for the leaves to change colors so I can throw on that slouchy go-to sweater, wrap my neck around a large scarf, and pull on a pair of boots. Although this outfit is pretty unreasonable for my college budget, here’s an idea of what I picture casual fall fashion to epitomize. 

3.1 Phillip Lim Satchel, Madewell Shirt, Vince Jacket, Etro Hat, All Saint Jeans, Frye Boots

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel $875, 2. Madewell Silk High Tea Top $118, 3. Hooded Drape Coat $675, 4. Etro Embroidered Rabbit Felt Hat $360, 5. All Saint Jeans $110, 6. Frye Billy Ankle Bootie $297.95


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Kensington Garden’s Orangery Room

I‘ve always been an enthusiast of tea, mostly Lipton’s black tea, nothing fancy. But when I studied abroad in London tea became an integral part of my life. We even had instant hot water dispensers in our dorm kitchens so no one have to wait the five minutes for the kettle to whistle. I drank it at least once a day as did the rest of the English students.

So while in London I made an effort to really appreciate tea time and what it has to offer. I went to many of London’s most famous afternoon tea spots in order to really get the high tea experience including The Ritz on my last day in London. But one of my favorite more affordable memories was having afternoon tea at the Orangery Room in Kensington Gardens across from Kensington Palace where Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge now reside! My best friend Allie and I went and had delicious english scorns, English breakfast tea, and tiny cucumber finger sandwiches. It’s quintessential English. And the interior design does not disappoint. It’s quaint and not overdone. Just a pleasure to have tea in a beautiful room.  

The idea to write this post came to me while making a “Get to Know Your R.A.” poster. I’ve done many things in London during my study abroad experience and the Orangery Room was definitely one of my favorites. I thought if I’m sharing the experience with my residents, I of course had to share it with you. I can’t wait to be back in London. I truly miss it. 

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AMC Inspires NBC and ABC

Mad Men has done so much for today’s culture. It’s introduced us to the ruggedness of John Hamm,the sexiness of silver fox, John Satterly, and the curvaceous red head Joan played by the one and only Christina Hendrix. It made men take notice and pay more attention in their fashion, and has also challenged the standard of a woman’s figure. Prada, Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton have all hired curvier women to strut down the runways of the world’s most fashionable cities and the show has also encouraged the fall trend of hip hugging pencil skirts Joan wears so well and cinched-waist dresses popularized by Betty. 

The show has also helped me choice a academic focus in school–the 1960’s, to me, the most fascinating decade of all time (well maybe besides the decade we live in right now).

It’s reminded us of unequal times and at the same time, reminded us of a simpler time.  

Mad Men has also inspired other television networks. The 1960s show that airs on AMC has influenced America’s biggest prime time networks–ABC and NBC. This fall I’ll be watching two 1960s themed shows: Pan Am, about female flight attendants during a sexist era, and the Playboy Club, which glamorizes the playboy girls of the 1950s and 1960s although their jobs where far from liberating. 

I must admit, I’m anxious to watch both of these shows come fall but only one 1960’s show holds most of my heart–Mad Men. 

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Fall Wish List: Western Inspired Booties

I’m thrilled to see that the bootie is back for another season. I’m petite, only 5’2”, so I find that knee high boots tend to make me look shorter. Instead, I look for booties. They are adorable with jeans, skirts, leggings, dresses, you name it and basically it works. Here are a couple of my favorite from this season. Many are Isabel Marant inspired because I’m in love with her bootie for this fall season (see earlier post). Another huge fall trend for the fall is 1970s inspired. So pair these booties with thick tights and crochet dresses for a free-spirited look or a flared jean with a silk blouse. Free people is a great place to look for young 1970s inspiration. 

1. Rage & Bone $495

2. Jeffrey Campbell $124.95

3. Kurt Geiger £195 

4. KG by Kurt Geiger £160

5. Madewell $188

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Casablanca in Doylestown, PA

Last night I drove an hour west of my town in New Jersey to a little town called Doylestown, PA in the quaint Bucks County. I went to catch up with two of my London study abroad friends. We bought tickets to see Casablanca in the old Majestic like theater called The County Theatre. Although all three of us have already seen the movie, many times I might add, we thought it would be just the cutest thing to watch the old classic movie on the big screen just how our grandparents had seen it. Casablanca could be one of my favorite movies of all time. Its not only a great love story but its first and foremost a movie about American strength.  Besides finding the political significance in the movie, the movie’s love story is the part of the movie that really grabs the attention of so many.

I think I shed a tear every time
Humphrey Bogart looks at Ingrid Bergman and says “Here’s looking at you kid.” And who doesn’t get all sentimental when Bogart reassures Bergman by telling her “we’ll always have Paris.” Ohhh just typing it out gets me all choked up!

I have seen Casablanca on the tv, laying in bed watching it on my computer, but nothing beats watching it on the big screen in one of the cutest towns I’ve ever been to.

Seeing how the movie was in black and white, I thought a black and white photo was suiting.


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Mwah-Ha-Ha My New “Master Plan”

I have many love-hate relationships. One of them is nails. Although I love getting manicures (who doesn’t,) I hate paying for them because my nails most likely chip ten minutes after I leave the salon, or because I hate that bubble gum pink I decided was such a good idea at the time. For these reasons you’ll barely see me walking into a nail salon especially since I have no more high school formals to prep for. The other aspect that gets to me is the price of that little nail polish bottle. The States gets it easy; $8 seems cheap compared to the 13 euros you’ll pay in Europe and the £11 you’ll pay in the UK. Like WHAT?!? No way in hell am I paying $17 for a bottle of nail polish!

So when I do buy nail polish I make sure it’s a color I can wear all the time. And not to sound snobby but I have a light purple David Yurman ring that never comes off my finger, so my color has to compliment my 18th birthday present. That narrows down my choices. But this “Master Plan” color from Essie is an all around great color. It’s perfect for the fall. It’s a neutral so you can wear it with anything, and most importantly it kind of has a hint of a purple-ish tone to it so it looks great with my ring.  

This is a color I’ll definitely be wearing all autumn long. 

$8 Essie "Master Plan"

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What I Brought Back from Paris

Besides coming back five pounds heavier, a dress size bigger, and with more than 1000 pictures on my camera, I brought back some little gifts for the house that I thought were really authentic to the French culture. Of course I went shopping for myself as well. Along with buying a vintage YSL clutch, new comtoir des contenniers dress on sale, vintage leather shorts from Kiliwatch, loafers that I wear every day, a vintage army jacket from the Vietnam era,  and a couple scarves, I also picked up some other affordable gifts to bring home to the parents. Something I got really caught up in while spending a month in Paris was learning about Hemingway’s life in Paris’s Latin Quarter. I came across his apartment and bought his memoir A Moveable Feast in the little bookstore right below it. I thought it was the perfect gift to give my book-reading father. I also went to Shakespeare & Co and picked up Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises, the book that really distinguished Hemingway as a novelist. I think books are great gifts. They are personal and something that lasts forever. In the marché I picked up some of my favorite cheeses that I got vacuumed sealed so I can safely take it on the plane with me. I bought compté, brie, and a hard goat cheese ball that is great for sticking in the oven, letting it soften and putting it over a salad. At least that’s how I ate it at a restaurant in Chelsea, London. There is also ground coffee I also purchased at the market. I bought a traditional French Roast and something a little more fun, Brownie, Hazelnut, and Almond flavored coffee. I’m on my last two tablespoons–best coffee I’ve ever had. Then when I was on Ile Sainte Louis (yes, Paris has two little islands) I picked up some olive oil soaps from La Maison du Savon de Marseilles. There must have been at least 50 different scented and colored soaps. And last but not least is Basil Olive Oil, world’s tastiest creation. I had it on salad with Fine Herbes and could not get enough that I had to buy both just to make in in the States.

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