Versailles: Heaven on Earth

Wearing vintage jacket, vintage leather shorts, Joie shirt.

While in Paris I decided to leave the city for the day and venture twelve miles outside the metropolis to visit Versailles. It was truly amazing and every historian’s dream. Having taken a class called “The French Revolution and Napoleonic Europe,” it was definitely a treat to see in person what I’ve read so much about in the pages of my textbooks. 

For all you Parisians you know how awful the weather has been the last two weeks–Autumn in July. But last Sunday, we had the first day of sunlight in a while. That Sunday I took full advantage of the weather and went to Versailles. No use going on a rainy day. 

I got the “Passport Package” which is an all access ticket to the chateau, gardens, Marie Antoinette’s estate, and an amazing fashion exhibit of 18th century-21st century fashion. While you were able to see many 18th-century-inspired vintage pieces from Chanel, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Pierre Balmain they also displayed items that were almost three hundred years old. It was quite incredible. No photos were allowed to be taken inside the exhibit but I managed to sneak a few in so you have an exclusive view right here! Let me warn you though–the photos were taken stealthily and without flash so they aren’t the best quality.  

Here are some pictures from a wonderful day at Versailles. Here are just a couple of the magnificent dresses from the fashion exhibit. If you’re in Paris its DEFINITELY worth a trip out there to see it. 

1954 Vintage Christian Dior

1954 Vintage Pierre Balmain

 And the best for last–Chanel. 

Vintage Chanel tweed wedding dress


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