Fromage and Pain

It was my first Fromagerie experience last night. For dinner we decided instead of cooking we’d have cheese and bread with a delicious side salad. Forget about going to the supermarket for packaged goods. While dodging heavy rain we ran down the block to the local cheese store which displayed a beautiful variety of soft and hard cheeses. In the window you can see the owner, who’s probably worked there for twenty years, cutting into a wheel of cheese. It was very picturesque. After shaking off the rain from my new vintage military four pocket jacket, I walked into the fromagerie to be greeted by a strong whiff of french cheeses. Overwhelmed not only by the smell but by the thought of having to choose which cheese I wanted to buy, I was glad I wasn’t accompanied by another cheese amateur. I let my cousin do the picking. We got goat cheese with papaya, brie, and compté that was out of this world good. It was an affordable dinner as well! A euro for the baguette and 18 euros for the cheeses. Pretty good for a meal for three! 

After we purchased for our cheeses we literally walked next door to the Boulanger and ordered two baguettes. It was so french. And we weren’t the only ones with the idea of having a cheese and bread dinner. The man in front of us at the boulanger walked right into the Fromagerie after purchasing his bread.

PS: Dinner was delicious!


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