Currently Reading: A Moveable Feast

I went with my cousin to have carrot cake from an American cafe in the 5th arrondissement right behind the Pantheon and around the corner from one of the most beautiful park’s I’ve ever seen: Jardin du Luxembourg. After finishing every crumb on my plate I suggested we go for a walk in the neighborhood before catching the 82 bus back to Porte de Champarret. Here’s what I saw.

Luxembourg Gardens

We ended up walking around Ernest Hemingway’s old apartment not even realizing that is where he once lived.  Here’s a photo of his beautiful neighborhood in the Latin Quarter.

After I took pictures we continued to walk. We didn’t make it very far because I walked into a little bookstore located right next door to Hemingway’s apartment. Obviously I thought it was only right that I buy a Hemingway book.

I bought A Moveable Feast, which is a set of memoirs about the years Hemingway spent in Paris, a city he deeply loved. It’s really exciting reading it while I’m in Paris since it’s like the ultimate guidebook of his time while in Paris. Now I get to read chapters, highlight places he mentioned, and go and see them. I’m a pretty lucky gal.

I’m not far into the book yet, but I’m already loving it.


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