American New Wave: Star Wars

My father took me to my first Star Wars movie in 1997 when A New Hope was re-released to theaters. I was eight years old. Apart from remembering the movie vividly and my fanatical reaction to just having seen it, I remember thinking before I saw the movie, why is my dad taking me to this boy movie, I’m a girl Dad, remember? Needless to say, Princess Leia would be my childhood hero (actually still is). From that point on, I tossed my barbies aside started unwrapping the packaging of my new Princess Leia action figures. So what was it that made me such a young fanatic? It was Princess Leia’s strength, her determination to never be treated as an inferior, and kindness that I admired so much. So thank you Carrie Fischer for being so kick-ass.

If you can't find me: I'm the girl dressed in a costume designed and made by my mom because I refused to buy the packaged Princess Leia costume and look like every other Halloween Princess Leia. Yes, I also wore her vintage belt for a real authentic feel and a braid from a real wig shop. I was a snob. But, thank you Mom!!!

But Star Wars was more than just great heroic characters. His movies in general were milestones in film history.  Joining the Hollywood New Wave film directors of the 1970s he would be responsible for changing American cinema. I never understood why Lucas, Coppola, Scorsese, and Spielberg were so significant to film seeing how films today really have no limits, and are a lot more tech-savy than Jaws or A New Hope but after watching many many many 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, movies I completely get it now and feel bad for undermining them. First of all they were film school educated, young, counterculture-bred, and had an energy about them that young audiences really responded to. And secondly they invented a whole new type of action film– the summer blockbuster. Without them, we wouldn’t have all our Marvel summer comic-hero movie/franchises. (I say this in all seriousness and with immense gratitude).

So why now am I revealing my love for Star Wars and openly sharing with you my inner nerd? Because George Lucas is including never before seen footage to his new Blue Ray dvd Trilogy out in September (this is old news for all you comic-con freaks, and I say “freaks” from the warmth of my heart.)  This means George Lucas is about to be a little richer because I’m buying the set. I haven’t watched the original Trilogy in about ten years so I’m excited to see Lucas film brilliant in high-res. Please, take me back to yesteryear when Mark Hamill was hot, Harrison Ford’s smile made me melt, and Carrie Fischer made me proud to be a woman.


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