Meeting Heimstone Boutique, Paris.

Time Out and Yelp were my bibles while I was studying in London. I used them religiously to find London’s best coffee, the hottest spots on King’s Road, and what was happening that weekend. However, their websites in Paris unfortunately are only in French and I don’t speak enough French to figure out what’s happening in Paris. So, I ended up in WHSmith, an English bookstore, on Avenue du Rivoli to get myself a guide book by Time Out, of course!  How very French of me. While I was wandering around the bookstore I also took it upon myself to buy “French Phrases for Dumbies,” a true classic, to try to teach myself French while I’m here. God, the language is just so difficult!

Anyway, Time Out Paris Shorelist 2011 was my book of choice and one I’m very thankful to have picked up. It highlights everything and it comes with me everywhere even though I HATE looking like a tourist.

While reading the guidebook (normally I just look at the places that have a featured picture) I couldn’t help marking every Boulanger they recommend going to. Since I’ve been in Paris I’ve been obsessed with bread and consequently frightened by my scale. Time Out recommended this Boulanger called Poilane which may be the most well known and oldest bakery in Paris. Not only is it a beautiful quaint Parisian bread shop, it’s location is key to this treasured gem. Situated on Rue du Cherche Midi this boulanger is surrounded by little boutiques and one in particular a fashion boutique called Heimstone that immediately caught my eye. It’s one of the most unique clothing stores I’ve come across thus far. And trust me, I’ve been in A LOT of shops.

Meet Heimstone. The shop was filled with pinks, aquas, greys, whites, and blacks, cute dresses with jewel embellishment, beautifully made silk tops, and great leather handbags I wish I had pictures of, or better yet, wish I owned. The store was made of old wood and had a western ambience to it. I love it!  So thank you Time Out Paris for indirectly directing me to Heimstone. You know me oh so well.


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