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Wardrobe Wishlist: Fall edition

 I know looking at this collection probably just made a sweat drop trickle down your cheek, but it’s inevitable that fall is approaching, and quicker than you think! Here are some of my affordable Fall must-haves. 

Top Shop blouse(£35), H&M booties ($69.95), Zadig and Voltaire dress (180 €), Top Shop sweater (£42), Zara bag ($45), Top Shop coat (£89)

1. A silk top is great to pair with pretty much anything and everything. Day or night, jeans or a skirt, heels or flats it always works. I like the caramel color but black, white, or grey work just as well. J Crew also has some Silk blouses in some really nice colors. And Joie (although they are a little over $200) have the best variety of printed silk blouses in my opinion. 

2. This black silk and lace dress is adorable. Its currently on sale at Zadig & Voltaire for 180 euros (originally 300). Dress it up or down.

3. The H&M booties are a highly anticipated sold out item for fall. They come out mid-August and I assume will be out of them within a week. At $69.95 they are a total steal.

4.  This two toned bowling ball bag is so convenient. I can honestly fit my life inside of one of these. The Louise Vuitton one looks smaller than it is but I’m pretty sure I even fit a textbook inside of it when I was running late for class one time. And these are two essential fall colors–tan and off white.

5. I love this top shop cardigan for fall. I’m a very minimalistic dresser so this with a white Hanes t-shirt and J Brand jeans is a comfortable and adorable look. Pair it with these red flats to give it some color and you are good to go.

6. Anything with wooden toggles is a must. I think its just so adorable. The red is a nice change from black or navy blue. 


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Film Friday: Vertigo

It’s the first ever Film Friday! So exciting! My pick this week is my all-time favorite movie Vertigo directed by Alfred Hitchcock and staring an older but still handsome James Stewart and the beautiful and much younger Kim Novak. 

Vertigo is about a detective (Stewart) suffering from vertigo who is asked to keep a close eye on a friend’s wife (Novak), a woman who seems to be losing her mind. But Stewart, mesmerized by her good lucks, falls in love with the vulnerable wife and complicates his investigation.

The movie is full of suspense and exciting from start to finish. Hitchcock gave me goosebumps and multiple shivers up the spine. 

I just loved it. It was creative, beautifully filmed, and entertaining to watch. 

God, I just loved it! 

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Versailles: Heaven on Earth

Wearing vintage jacket, vintage leather shorts, Joie shirt.

While in Paris I decided to leave the city for the day and venture twelve miles outside the metropolis to visit Versailles. It was truly amazing and every historian’s dream. Having taken a class called “The French Revolution and Napoleonic Europe,” it was definitely a treat to see in person what I’ve read so much about in the pages of my textbooks. 

For all you Parisians you know how awful the weather has been the last two weeks–Autumn in July. But last Sunday, we had the first day of sunlight in a while. That Sunday I took full advantage of the weather and went to Versailles. No use going on a rainy day. 

I got the “Passport Package” which is an all access ticket to the chateau, gardens, Marie Antoinette’s estate, and an amazing fashion exhibit of 18th century-21st century fashion. While you were able to see many 18th-century-inspired vintage pieces from Chanel, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Pierre Balmain they also displayed items that were almost three hundred years old. It was quite incredible. No photos were allowed to be taken inside the exhibit but I managed to sneak a few in so you have an exclusive view right here! Let me warn you though–the photos were taken stealthily and without flash so they aren’t the best quality.  

Here are some pictures from a wonderful day at Versailles. Here are just a couple of the magnificent dresses from the fashion exhibit. If you’re in Paris its DEFINITELY worth a trip out there to see it. 

1954 Vintage Christian Dior

1954 Vintage Pierre Balmain

 And the best for last–Chanel. 

Vintage Chanel tweed wedding dress

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Fromage and Pain

It was my first Fromagerie experience last night. For dinner we decided instead of cooking we’d have cheese and bread with a delicious side salad. Forget about going to the supermarket for packaged goods. While dodging heavy rain we ran down the block to the local cheese store which displayed a beautiful variety of soft and hard cheeses. In the window you can see the owner, who’s probably worked there for twenty years, cutting into a wheel of cheese. It was very picturesque. After shaking off the rain from my new vintage military four pocket jacket, I walked into the fromagerie to be greeted by a strong whiff of french cheeses. Overwhelmed not only by the smell but by the thought of having to choose which cheese I wanted to buy, I was glad I wasn’t accompanied by another cheese amateur. I let my cousin do the picking. We got goat cheese with papaya, brie, and compté that was out of this world good. It was an affordable dinner as well! A euro for the baguette and 18 euros for the cheeses. Pretty good for a meal for three! 

After we purchased for our cheeses we literally walked next door to the Boulanger and ordered two baguettes. It was so french. And we weren’t the only ones with the idea of having a cheese and bread dinner. The man in front of us at the boulanger walked right into the Fromagerie after purchasing his bread.

PS: Dinner was delicious!

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Currently Reading: A Moveable Feast

I went with my cousin to have carrot cake from an American cafe in the 5th arrondissement right behind the Pantheon and around the corner from one of the most beautiful park’s I’ve ever seen: Jardin du Luxembourg. After finishing every crumb on my plate I suggested we go for a walk in the neighborhood before catching the 82 bus back to Porte de Champarret. Here’s what I saw.

Luxembourg Gardens

We ended up walking around Ernest Hemingway’s old apartment not even realizing that is where he once lived.  Here’s a photo of his beautiful neighborhood in the Latin Quarter.

After I took pictures we continued to walk. We didn’t make it very far because I walked into a little bookstore located right next door to Hemingway’s apartment. Obviously I thought it was only right that I buy a Hemingway book.

I bought A Moveable Feast, which is a set of memoirs about the years Hemingway spent in Paris, a city he deeply loved. It’s really exciting reading it while I’m in Paris since it’s like the ultimate guidebook of his time while in Paris. Now I get to read chapters, highlight places he mentioned, and go and see them. I’m a pretty lucky gal.

I’m not far into the book yet, but I’m already loving it.

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American New Wave: Star Wars

My father took me to my first Star Wars movie in 1997 when A New Hope was re-released to theaters. I was eight years old. Apart from remembering the movie vividly and my fanatical reaction to just having seen it, I remember thinking before I saw the movie, why is my dad taking me to this boy movie, I’m a girl Dad, remember? Needless to say, Princess Leia would be my childhood hero (actually still is). From that point on, I tossed my barbies aside started unwrapping the packaging of my new Princess Leia action figures. So what was it that made me such a young fanatic? It was Princess Leia’s strength, her determination to never be treated as an inferior, and kindness that I admired so much. So thank you Carrie Fischer for being so kick-ass.

If you can't find me: I'm the girl dressed in a costume designed and made by my mom because I refused to buy the packaged Princess Leia costume and look like every other Halloween Princess Leia. Yes, I also wore her vintage belt for a real authentic feel and a braid from a real wig shop. I was a snob. But, thank you Mom!!!

But Star Wars was more than just great heroic characters. His movies in general were milestones in film history.  Joining the Hollywood New Wave film directors of the 1970s he would be responsible for changing American cinema. I never understood why Lucas, Coppola, Scorsese, and Spielberg were so significant to film seeing how films today really have no limits, and are a lot more tech-savy than Jaws or A New Hope but after watching many many many 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, movies I completely get it now and feel bad for undermining them. First of all they were film school educated, young, counterculture-bred, and had an energy about them that young audiences really responded to. And secondly they invented a whole new type of action film– the summer blockbuster. Without them, we wouldn’t have all our Marvel summer comic-hero movie/franchises. (I say this in all seriousness and with immense gratitude).

So why now am I revealing my love for Star Wars and openly sharing with you my inner nerd? Because George Lucas is including never before seen footage to his new Blue Ray dvd Trilogy out in September (this is old news for all you comic-con freaks, and I say “freaks” from the warmth of my heart.)  This means George Lucas is about to be a little richer because I’m buying the set. I haven’t watched the original Trilogy in about ten years so I’m excited to see Lucas film brilliant in high-res. Please, take me back to yesteryear when Mark Hamill was hot, Harrison Ford’s smile made me melt, and Carrie Fischer made me proud to be a woman.

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Bright Bold Bikinis

It’s cold and rainy in Paris so what do I do? I shop for bathing suits. Logical right? I want them all. The one downside is- I don’t do bikinis. Maybe buying one of these swimming costumes is the motivation to get into bikini shape. Ha, sorry getting a little nostalgic about London. I never actually use that term. Anyway, for all you Americans out there and Canadians who are experiencing the heat wave these are for you. Put the black bandeaus away and sport a more vivacious look. Now go have fun in the sun while I go get a hot coffee to warm my body up. 

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